Wind & Seismic Load


Thybar has been serving the HVAC and sheet metal industries as a manufacturer of sheet metal products for over 60 years.

Thybar’s product line includes

  • Non Insulated Roof Curb
  • Insulated Roof Curb
  • TC1 Roof Curb
  • TC2 Roof Curb
  • Metal Building Curb
  • Vibrocurb III Curb
  • TEMS 1, 2, and 3 Equipment Supports
  • Curb Adapters

Thybar Certified Calculations for Seismic and Wind-Load 25 Ton and Under Units. Thybar already have Calculation stamped for 25 ton and under unit, to meet these specifications. 

Thybar can provide project specific calculations sealed by a Professional or Structural Engineer licensed in all 50 states.

Please download and fill out the Questionnaire below when placing an order.