New Plant Open In Jacksonville!

This Thybar Corporation plant will be focused on providing roof curb services to the Southeast area. 

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Wind & Seismic Load

Severe wind loads or seismic activity occurs in many areas in the U.S. Thybar seismic curbs for rooftop HVAC's are specifically designed to withstand these forces. Compliance verification and calculations are performed by a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). This includes all 50 states.



Roof Curbs

Founded in 1959, and with 5 factories across the country, Thybar is the oldest and largest roof curb manufacturer in the world.  We’ve built more curbs than anybody, relying on years of experience and libraries filled with HVAC equipment data.  No matter what type of roof system you have or how big the equipment is, we have the roof curb design that works for you. 


Thybar Logo
When our customers need a solution, they know to “Think Thybar”. We work step by step with you to understand the physical characteristics of the building and the jobsite demands. If needed, we do field measurements, for your peace of mind.
From the conception of a project, through the installation of your equipment, we are on hand to help your project run smoothly. 3D modeling software and HVAC application knowledge help us get an exact fit and the right application.