General Information

Catwalks and service platforms are designed to meet OSHA specifications.

Where HVAC units and other rooftop-mounted equipment require a platform to provide access for service, repair or maintenance, Thybar shall design and manufacture according to project specific requirements.

Load analysis calculations can be provided for catwalks/service platforms. Calculations are to be signed and sealed by a professional engineer (PE) registered in the state where the project is located.



Catwalks/service platforms shall be connected to Thybar roof curbs with gussets of size, shape and quantity as required. Roof curb walls will be reinforced with backing plates to safely transfer catwalk load to curb wall.

Catwalks shall be constructed: – By Thybar Corporation, [inches wide, inches high] – Walkway shall be of galvanized serrated steel,  – With removable handrail of [inch height (42” min.)] to be made of railing components between schedule 40 galvanized pipe. Catwalk  shall include integral access. The Catwalk/Service Platform shall be manufactured by Thybar Corporation.