Thyvent Specification

Thybar Corporation custom Thyvent air handler simplifies the design and layout of the custom energy recovery air handler. panel construction makes it easy to design the Thyvent energy recovery air handler.

  • Unit Construction
    • Panel construction. The base frame is constructed of formed heavy gauge galvanized steel C channel perimeter with cross channel bracing under all internal components all welded into one solid frame.
  • Insulation
    • Thyvent ERV can be provided with 1”.
  • Access Doors
    • All access doors provide quick access into air handler. manufactured double-wall solid G90 galvanized access doors.
  • Filters
    • 2” MERV 8 or 13 filters in galvanized frame with a maximum of 500 FPM. Filters will be center loading with 25% efficiency.
  • Dampers
    • Low leak parallel blade dampers with galvanized steel construction are provided on the outside air intakes and exhaust outlets. Outside air dampers will be provided with 24VAC motorized spring return actuator and exhaust dampers will be gravity back draft.
  • Electrical
    • Unit shall be completely wired at the factory for single point power connection in the field. Integral motor starters or VFD’s for the ERV, supply and exhaust fans.


Available Options

  • Frost Control
    • On/Off Frost Control: Allows for intermittent ventilation below the frost threshold temperature.
    • Exhaust Fan Only Frost Control: Allows cyclical mechanical exhaust fan only below the frost threshold temperature.
    • Electrical Preheat Frost Control: Preheat frost control is the recommended method of preventing frost formation and ensuring design outdoor ventilation rates for most cold climate applications.
  • Economizers
    • Through the use of an Enthalpy Sensor, the sensor de-energizes the ERC wheel when outdoor enthalpy is below the field adjustable set point, and when system is in the cooling mode, allowing free air cooling.
  • Dirty Filter Switch
    • A sensing probe/air flow measuring device used to allow user to know when filter is due for change. Operates off of 24VAC.
  • Rotation Sensor
    • Magnetic rotational sensor used to indicate rotational operation of ERC wheel.