About Us

Thybar has been serving the HVAC and sheet metal industries as a manufacturer of custom sheet metal products since 1959.

Thybar has six manufacturing facilities with plants in Addison (Corporate HQ), Dallas, Akron, Louisville, Reno and our newest Jacksonville, FL. All Thybar manufacturing facilities are equipped with Advanced laser technology.

Thybar has a PE on staff that is licensed in all 50 states.

Thybar PE department is involved in the design and manufacture of custom sheet metal products to ensure compliance with wind load and seismic building code requirements.

Thybar offers the patented Vibro-Curb® rooftop curb for vibration isolation applications. Vibro-curbs are available in 1”, 2”, or 3” deflections to accommodate mild or severe vibration requirements.

Thybar is the Industry leader in adapting new rooftop units to existing roof curbs with a Thybar Retro-Mate®. Thybar Retro-Mate® saves costly curb reconstruction by mechanically interfacing the new unit and existing curb.

Thybar Corporation’s experience, commitment to quality, customer service and reputation differentiates us from our competitors.