General Information

Thybar Retro-MateTM  is a custom fabricated roof curb designed to adapt to an existing curb. Duct work for the existing rooftop unit can be left in place with all of the transition work done within the Retro-MateTM curb.

For information on doing your own field measurements for a Retro-MateTM, click here.

Retro-MateTM  can be fabricated for new rooftop units that are larger or smaller than the existing curb.

Retro-MateTM maintains roofing integrity and eliminates costly support steel and ductwork reconstruction.

  • Fast and easy way to change out an existing rooftop unit without disturbing the existing roof.
  • Reduces engineering and construction time.
  • Fully assembled and welded curb.

Thybar utilizes state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, laser technology, CAD 3D modeling tools, maintains an extensive library of rooftop unit literature, as well as a staff of experienced professionals


Retro-Mates 25 ton and under

built in 3 days

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