Vibration Isolation Curb


General Information

Vibro-Curb III ™ incorporate adjustable spring isolators and can ship as a single piece unit. RTU can be mounted immediately after the Vibro-Curb III ™ is installed and roofing can be completed at a later date without disturbing the RTU. This process will reduce installation costs and expedites the installation process. Flexible counter flashing provides a weather tight seal and easy access to the isolation springs. Isolators are sized and spaced to accommodate the rooftop weight and center of gravity for a minimum of 90% isolation efficiency.

Standard Construction

  1. Standard height 26"-28"
  2. 1”, 2”, and 3” spring deflection available
  3. provided with 2” x 4” wood nailing strips and an 9”
    continuous rubber counter flashing. Counter flashing insures water tight seal.
  4. Prime G-90 galvanized steel 14 to 18 gauge
  5. Fully welded and mitered corners
  6. Base flange attachments for securing equipment mounting supports to the building structure
  7. Acoustically non-conductive material minimizes sound transitions
  8. Vertical limit stops eliminates excess movement
  9. Reinforced with internally bulkheads

VibroCurb_Springs         Image01



Prefabricated Vibration isolation curb to be manufactured of prime galvanized steel construction, 18 or 14 gauge as required, meeting ASTM A653/653M, with welded corners and with seams joined by continuous water and air tight welds. Vibration isolation curb shall be internally reinforced with bulkheads 48” on center and factory installed wood nailer. Top of all Vibration isolation curb shall be level, with pitch built into curb when deck slopes. Vibration isolation curb shall be designed to provide a minimum of 90% isolation efficiency with 1” deflection. 9” continuous rubber cover around perimeter of Vibration isolation curb over spring isolators.