General Information

Vibro-Mate™ incorporates adjustable spring isolators and can ship as a single piece unit. Vibro-Mate™ can be mounted immediately onto existing curb. Vibro-MateTM  provided with flexible duct connector pre-installed . This process will reduce installation costs and expedites the installation process. Flexible EPDM counter flashing provides a weather tight seal and easy access to the isolation springs.



Pre-fabricated isolation rail to be manufactured of prime galvanized steel, meeting ASTM A653/653M, with welded corners. Isolation rail shall be designed to connect unit openings to exisitng curb openings via the use of pre-installed flexible EPDM duct transitions. Unit shall have adjustable spring isolators with non-conductive material minimizing sound transitions and designed to provide a minimum of 90% isolation efficiency with 1” deflection springs. A removable EPDM weathershield shall allow access to the isolators. Product shall be a Vibro-Mate™, as manufactured by Thybar Corporation.