TEMS 1,2,3


Equipment Mounting Supports are factory fabricated sheet steel structural members designed for placement on all types of roof systems and at the same time accommodates a variety of roof mounted heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.

These units have a high load-bearing capacity attained by a system of internal bulkheads welded into position at specific intervals along the length of the rails.

A continuous wood nailer covered by a removable counterflashing provides for an effective method of attaching roofing felts and assuring a watertight installation.

Equipment Supports are fabricated in three basic styles designated for the following applications:

  1. TEMS-1 For insulated Roof Decks with 3” cant and step to match deck insulation thickness. Standard step dimension 2”
  2. TEMS-2 For Non-insulated Roof Decks with 3” cant.
  3. TEMS-3 For all types of roof decks



Pre-Fabricated equipment mounting supports to be of prime G-90 galvanized steel construction, 18 or 14 gauge as required, meeting ASTM A653/653M, with welded corners with seams joined by continuous welds. Supports shall be internally reinforced with bulkheads 24” on center, factory installed 2” x 4” wood nailer and 18 gauge counter flashing cover.

Certified load bearing data can be provided upon request. Height to be NRCA 10” above roof deck or as detailed. Equipment supports shall span a minimum of two (2) joists and not cantilever more than 12”. Support shall be level at the top with pitch built-in when deck slopes per building specification of an inch per foot or greater, or as detailed.