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Equipment Mounting Supports Form

Thybar Equipment Mounting Supports are factory fabricated sheet steel structural members designed for placement on all types of roof systems and at the same time accommodates a variety of roof mounted heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.
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Equipment Supports are fabricated in three basic styles designated for the following applications:

 Standard construction includes:
• 18 Ga. Galvanized steel shell, base plate, and counter-flashing
• Factory installed wood nailer
• Internal bulkhead reinforcement
• All welded construction


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Load Bearing Data


* 8' span

All concentrated loads are based on a minimum bearing surface width of 4” by the full width of the supports. A minimum spacing of two feet will be required between combination loads, which exceed the recommended maximum values. No load should be applied on cantilever section in excess of 6 inches in length.

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